Town of Evans Water Bill 2007Once upon a time, minimum water bills in Evans were $29.70 per quarter. The town’s Water Department took care of the day-to-day operations. A Keith Dash budget showed that the Town purchased water from the ECWA for $1,200,000 and sold the water to residents for $2,000,000. The Town budgeted for an $800,000 surplus (or in business terms, a profit)! After a decade-plus of gross water project mismanagement, minimum water bills are $93.06! This rate does not include building a multi-million water tower and paving more roads as required by the contract with the ECWA. [ Read More! }   On August 26th, 2015, via a resolution offered by Karen Erickson and seconded by Mike Spence, ( Spence could not help manage the water department but now wants to manage the Highway Department with a significantly bigger budget??!!  Good luck with that! ) the town board voted to turn the operation and billing of water to the ECWA. In addition to never-ending surcharge increases, property owners pay for repairs that once were performed by the town’s water department at no cost to the property owner.

When questioned as to why one town has their new water tower paid for by the ECWA while Evans water customers pay for the town’s new water tower, the ECWA explained that there were three (3) different lease management agreements and that Evans chose the one with this requirement. Thanks, Karen & Mike!

We live on Lake Erie yet have higher water rates than the desert city Phoenix!

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Town of Evans Water To ECWA Vote

This Resolution Was Stamped By The Town Clerk



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