Evans Vs Elma Water BillsThe first line of Charles Dickens book “The Tale of Two Cities” which was written in 1859, could easily contrast Evans and Elma.

“It was the best of times (Elma), it was the worst of times (Evans), it was the age of wisdom (Elma), it was the age of foolishness (Evans), it was the epoch of belief (Elma), it was the epoch of incredulity (Evans), it was the season of light (Elma), it was the season of darkness (Evans), it was the spring of hope (Elma), it was the winter of despair. (Evans)”

You only need to compare water bills to see why this is true. Minimum water bills in Evans are $103.38 (the highest in Erie County) while minimum water bills in Elma are $28.33!

Evans officials have offered a never-ending list of excuses for the highest minimum water bills in Erie County. The question becomes why was Elma able to keep water rates so low while rates in Evans hit record highs. The Answer: Good management vs. mismanagement!

The proof is in the water bills shown below!

I emailed Elma requesting water bill info. They replied in a few hours, sending the requested info. In Evans, the town requires you to submit a FOIL and then wait nearly a month to get the requested document(s).  Elma is transparent while Evans is much less transparent.


The first minimum water bill in 2023 broke the hundred-dollar mark at $103.38.

Town of Evans Water Bill In 2023


Town Of Elma Ny Water Bills 2023


They bill for 3,000 gallons then if you use more, there is a separate line for usage over the 3,000.

Union County Nc Water Bill



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