“Thruway Exits East & West Of 57A Have Commercial & Residential Development. Why Not The Eden / Evans Exit?”


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I90 Exit 57A Angola / Eden
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Why Is Thruway Exit 57A Important?

Never Say Never!

Town of Evans - Eden School Maps

Eden School District Within The Town of Evans

If you travel the NYS Thruway from Angola Exit 57A, you do not see any commercial or residential development. Fredonia, Silver Creek, Hamburg, and Orchard Park are well-developed surrounding their Thruway exits. The Eden / Evans Thruway exit goes undeveloped since no water or sewers exist. Challenges include the Eden School District significantly reaching into the Town of Evans. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-size map. The dark green area highlights the Eden School District within the Town of Evans. Historically, Evans has wanted development from the Thruway exit into town while Eden historically favors keeping its development close to their Route 62 business district. Why haven’t any Evans officials taken on the project to get sewer & water to this vital area in our town?

The unspoken issue is that if Evans develops from the Thruway exit past Route 20 to North Evans, the Eden school district and not LSCS will get the additional tax revenue. This is why the first difficult task is to redraw both towns’ school district boundaries within their respective towns.

The NYS Thruway has had meetings regarding moving the last free exit in Erie County. The economic impact of the last free exit is significant. Hamburg sent representatives to these meetings while Evans did not. Let’s not forget that the current governor was a past member of the Hamburg town board. The Town of Evans should pass a resolution informing NYS & Thruway officials that the Town of Evans would like to be included in any future discussions on this topic.

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