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PI_DogGoals Of EvansNY.News

The goal of this website is to:

  • Transforming “Local Reporting” to “Investigative Reporting”.
    • Be Evans residents watch dog regarding town hall.
    • Provide Evans residents information about how their tax dollars are being spent.
  • Making the affairs of the Evans Town Board more transparent.
    • How will town pay for the $7,000,000 water tower?
    • How will town pay to pave 24 more roads as required by the contract with the Erie County Water Authority?
      • What is this cost?
    • How much will it cost to repair South Creek Pool?
      • Is the $600,000 to $800,000 rumored cost correct?
    • How & why did town lose $50,000 grant to replace windows at the senior center?
    • Robert Freeman, the Director of the NYS Committee On Open Government states that residents have a legal right to know not only how their money is being spent but how these decisions are arrived at as outlined in the NYS Open Meetings Law.
  • Provide Evans residents with the tools to challenge their assessments.
    • Especially Lake Erie Beach & Highland residents.
  • Make public information officials within Evans Town Hall would rather keep out of resident’s sight.

The First Amendment

  • If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington
  • Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech. Benjamin Franklin
  • The threat or fear of violence should not become an excuse or justification for restricting freedom of speech. Alan Dershowitz
  • Hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard, to share in the decisions of government which shape men’s lives. Robert Kennedy

Privilege of the Floor

At the 11-15-2017 town board meeting, Supervisor Hosler said anyone exceeding the three minute rule during privilege of the floor would be removed by the police.

NYS Committee On Open Government (COOG) – OML-AO-4044 – September 30, 2005

  • First, while the Open Meetings Law clearly provides the public with the right “to observe the performance of public officials and attend and listen to the deliberations and decisions that go into the making of public policy” (see Open Meetings Law, ยง100), the Law is silent with respect to public participation. Consequently, by means of example, if a public body, such as the City Council, does not want to answer questions or permit the public to speak or otherwise participate at its meetings, I do not believe that it would be obliged to do so. On the other hand, a public body may choose to answer questions and permit public participation, and many do so. When a public body does permit the public to speak, I believe that it should do so based upon reasonable rules that treat members of the public equally.

NYS Commettee On Open Government Web Site – Click Here