EmployeeIn the past, Evans employee(s) have performed the same tasks for other municipalities during regular Evans Town Hall business hours and even using a Town of Evans vehicle! If these employees are working elsewhere during regular business hours, they are “moonlighting”. Are they working required number of hours in Evans? Is Evans paying 100% of their benefit costs?

Pension payments are based on actual hours worked.

Why aren’t these employees daily work schedules posted town’s website?

NYS Law / Town Law / Article 3 / Section 27

No town officer or employee shall retain any fees or moneys received by him in connection with his office but such fees or money shall be the property of the town and be paid to the supervisor not later than the fifteenth day of each month following the receipt thereof, excepting such fees and moneys the application and payment of which are otherwise provided for by law. Every officer or employee, except a town justice, is hereby required to submit monthly to the supervisor a verified statement of all moneys received by him and to pay such moneys to the supervisor who shall deliver his receipt therefor.”  [ Click Here To Read Law ]

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