Hosler Quote: I Will Follow LawMary Hosler made the following campaign promise: “I will ENSURE that State Municipal Law and our own Town Laws are enforced and followed“.

Will this enforcement occur for:

  • Some of the residents some of the time?
  • Most of the residents most of the time? or
  • All of the residents all of the time?
  • Is it right that residents are selling their homes because town code is enforced not on the law but who has a friend in town hall?

Mary Hosler Pledges To Follow The Law























The litmus test:

Town code and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires restaurants to have paved parking. Under federal law, no business is “grandfathered” under local law.

Why are the parking lots of so many Evans restaurants still unpaved?

From the Americans with Disabilities Act / ADA Guide for Small Businesses:

[ Download the PDF File ]

Private Businesses that Serve the Public: Public Accommodations

Private businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called public accommodations in the ADA. The ADA establishes requirements for twelve categories of public accommodations, including stores and shops, restaurants and bars, service establishments, theaters, hotels, recreation facilities, private museums and schools and others. Nearly all types of private businesses that serve the public are included in the categories, regardless of size.

If you own, operate, lease, or lease to a business that serves the public, then, you are covered by the ADA and have obligations for existing facilities as well as for compliance when a facility is altered or a new facility is constructed. Existing facilities are not exempted by “grandfather provisions” that are often used by building code officials