Town of Evans NY Voo Doo BudgetLets do the math!

  • Water Department Income (Highlights):
    • Total Income: $1,068,870
    • Surcharges on ECWA Water Bills: $950,000
    • Metered Water Sales: $75,000
      • Was $2,000,000 before turnover to ECWA!
  • Water Department Expenses:
    • Total Expenses:  $1,068,870
    • (Less) Debt Service: $675,656
    • Cost To Run Department: $393,214
      • There are 112 Water Customers
      • Cost Per Water Customer: $3,510!


  1. Why did Evans keep all buildings, employees, equipment, etc. used to service over 5,000 water customers when there are only 112 water customers?
  2. If water employees were moved into the new Department of Public Works (DPW), why are surcharges on water bills used to pay them?
  3. Why is the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) paying for a water tower in Amherst but making Evans pay for their water tower?
    1. From Buffalo News: “The authority is also planning $20 million in facilities improvements, including the $4.25 million replacement of the Ball South Tank on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst, as well as security upgrades.” [ Click Here To Read Article ]
  4. Why is $56,500 being transferred to other funds?
    1. Isn’t this the same problem that led to the “unaccounted for” $2,100,000?


  1. Why isn’t the entire $950,000 in water bill surcharges being used to pay down the water debt?
  2. Why isn’t Town Board negotiating with the ECWA to take the remaining 112l Evans water customers then eliminate all costs?
  3. If the water tower will be built in 2016, why isn’t this expense in the budget?
  4. If there will be road improvements as required by contract with the ECWA in 2016, why isn’t this expense in the budget?


The Catalino as Supervisor town boards misused $800,000 a year in profits on water sales. Now Evans water customers are paying higher water bills that water customers in areas that are deserts or in drought. ECWA is raising rates 3.9% + increasing the infrastructure charge by $4.00. Evans has not disclosed if water surcharge rates will also be increased.

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