Play The Business Loan Program Hide & Seek Game!

“Did You Know That the Town of Evans Has A Low Interest Revolving Business Loan Program?”
(It’s Really A Family & Friends Loan Program!)

Can You Find The Loan Application?

Should Evans Officials Be More Proactive Regarding Business Development?

How many times have you heard that Evans is pro-business? Evans National Bank, New Era, and H&K have left Evans for greener pastures. You would need a piano roll to list all the other small businesses that closed their doors or left Evans. It is disconcerting when a “new” local business offers U-Haul Truck Rentals.

For several decades, elected Evans officials have described themselves as “Pro-Business”. They say “talk is cheap” and “actions speak louder than words“. What have current & past board members done to promote the Business Loan Program? Not very much! Even if you knew the program existed, it’s unlikely you could find information on the town’s website.

Play The Business Loan Program Hide & Seek Game!

The game is simple to play. Go to the Town of Evans website [ Click Here! ] and try and find information about the loan program or the Loan Program PDF File.

If you find it you win a gold star!

Lucky for you that Google can help!

Here’s How:

  1. Go To Google Advanced Search [ Click Here! ]
  2. Enter “loan’ in the all these words box
  3. Enter “ in the site or domain box
  4. Click the Advanced Search Button or press the Enter Key

Google Search Town Of Evans-NY

You will see

Google Search Town Of Evans NY Results




[ Download The Revolving Loan Program PDF ]

For almost two decades, the Low-Interest Loan Program has been run as a “Family & Friends” program. This is another example of why Evans isn’t competitive with other towns in Erie County.

The balances of the loan program should be reported at a town board meeting on a quarterly basis. Additionally, the town’s budget should add funding for this pro-business program every year.


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