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Its The 2023 Election Season In Evans

Read More ArrowThis year voters in the Town of Evans will elect a new supervisor and two councilpersons.

Elma, Grand Island, and Hamburg are prosperous while Evans always seems to struggle.

Debate in Evans is like the old beer commercial. Remember “less filling” vs. “tastes great”? For the most part, the election cycle banter won’t change much going forward.

I’d like to know why the current town board won’t consider hiring an engineer for the water system improvement project and save Evans Water Customers a million dollars, maybe more. [ Read More! ]

Evans has some of the highest town taxes and the highest minimum water bill in Erie County.

There won’t be any public debate before the election. is the place residents can read about what is going on in town hall.

There are many issues that need discussion. There are many questions the candidates would rather avoid.

Town of Evans VoteThe B4 U Vote Menu has three topics for you to consider:

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  • Seven posts about what needs to change in Evans.
  • A Bonus post on the Sturgeon Point Marina.

Change does not come easy in Evans. Change will never happen unless residents start demanding it.

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