Water Project Spending

IS SPENDING $100,000,000 TOO MUCH?

Issues And Questions For The Candidates

Below are issues and questions #3 for the candidates for the Town of Evans Town Board.

Water Project Spending

Town of Evans NY Water Project$100,000,000+!

This will be the price tag for the Town of Evans water project since Day #1 after the current three phase improvement is completed.

At a town board meeting, Councilwoman Macko stated that the current water project was needed as part of Hike & Bike from Herr Road to Lake Street. The document titled “Water System Improvements Phase 1 July 2023“, which was not available to residents online prior to the public hearing (you could read it at town hall or pay for a copy!) shows that was only 22.09% of the project.

The document shows that $1,352,455 is for engineering. The town board declined to answer the question as to why the town would not hire an in-house engineer and save water customers a million dollars or more!

The document also shows $1,560,525 for “contingency fees“. There was no concrete example of a contingency fee given when questioned.

The Town of Evans shares its assessor with another town. Why can’t the Town of Evans share an engineer?

When the Town of Evans signed the lease management agreement with the Erie County Water Authority, there were three different agreements available to the town. Evans took the worst of the three agreements. That’s why we paid 100% for the new water tower and why we are chipping in for repairs to the big blue water tower in Amherst!

Evans water customers have been paying the tab for gross mismanagement of the water project. The town overpaid for engineering by at least $15 – $20 million dollars!

The next time you are paying your water bill, think about joining the next town board meeting via Zoom and question the board as to how they can get water bills under control.

Town of Evans Engineering Fees 2023 Water Project

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