Evans Water DebtSupervisor Hosler plans to remove the water surcharge from the quarterly water bills then add a flat fee to tax bills similar to the garbage fee. Every proposal like this has winners and losers. Billing data was FOILed and denied by the town. Being unable to determine winners in this proposal raises a big RED flag.

Questions to be answered include but are not limited to:

  1. Is it fair to tax vacant land for water not received?
  2. Non-Profits pay surcharge on their water bills but will they be water tax exempt?
  3. Is it fair to tax a car wash at the same rate as a residential property?
  4. How will trailer parks be water taxed?

With natural gas, electric, gasoline, milk, beer, soda, etc, the more you use the more you pay.

The real problem is paying for more water than you use via minimum bills.

Residents have the right to review all data and information before the town board change how water customers are billed for water usage.