Water MoneyUsing rounded number of 5,000 Evans water customers reduced to 110 water customers after the turnover to the ECWA:

If 5,000 customers generated $2,000,000 in sales, then 110 customers should result in $44,000 in sales. The budget lists $203,000 in water sales.

If 5,000 customers require $1,100,00 in water purchases, then 110 customers should result in $24,200 in purchases. The budget lists $100,000 in water purchases.

If the 2014 budget is accurate, it will cost taxpayers $2,254.46 per water customer to service 112 water customers.

Brant employees can use a backhoe to install water lines. Why $00.00 budgeted for backhoe? Why can’t DPW install new water lines? This could save Evans over $500,000 in 2014 alone!!!!

Why is so much budgeted for gas?

Why isn’t there a proportional decrease in all line items?

The 112 water customers should become ECWA customers or pick up 100% of the tab to maintain the Evans Water Department.

The town should disclose how all amounts in all line items were calculated.