Property Value8/13/2013: NOTE: When you go before the Board of Assessment Review (BAR), Kim Hulburd is one of the BAR members that votes on your assessment reduction. 

A property’s assessment is based on its market value. Market value is how much a property would sell for under normal conditions.

(Click Here To Visit NYS Tax) Would a reasonable person conclude that Hulburd’s property is assessed at less than market value?

Using records available on the Erie County Clerk’s web site, a case can be made that Hulburd’s assessment is less than market value.

A older image from Google Earth shows Hulburd’s property when owned by Wells Fargo. Property is in need of repair. Erie County records show the transaction consideration was $76,545.23.



Hulburd purchased the house for $39,100.












Hulburd made considerable improvements to her property.


How can this property be assessed at $35,000? (Click Here To Visit Erie County Real Property)

In 2008, Gar Associates assessed property (before improvements) at $77,000. Ebersole then reduced assessment to $35,000.


Below is information showing how much lower Kim Hulburd’s tax were as a result of her favorable assessment. She only paid $85.08 in school tax in 2012! (Click Here To View Property Tax Online)

An honest ethical person would resign from the Board of Assessment Review.