Town Of Evans Water District Surcharge 2018To pay for the $25 Million Dollar water project, the Town of Evans collects a Water District Surcharge on the quarterly Erie County Water Authority bills.

Supervisor Hosler has been talking about taking the charge off the water bills and moving it to the February Town / County Tax Bills.

While billboards claim that we have government and not politics, when change are made, there are winners and there are losers and almost always decisions are based on politics.

While few details are available on this proposal, it is a safe bet that those with friends in Town Hall will benefit.

Without hard facts, one would be just guessing about winners and losers.

To get to the facts, EvansNY.News has, under the freedom of information law, obtained the water billing data for the entire Town of Evans for the 2nd quarter of 2018.

The data has been uploaded to the EvansNY.News sister site

In the future, the data can be used figure out winners & losers.

NOTE: The Erie County Water Authority provided all the individual charges that appear on the water bills.

Follow the instructions below to lookup a water bill. Lookups are by property address.

Step #1: Go To

Evans NY News Water Bill Menu

From Menu: Click Water Then Report: Water Bill

On the left side of the PC screen, you will see:

Evans NY News Water Bill Search Panel

Leave Date Blank – Enter Street# & Street – Click Search

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Water Billing Data Now Online!
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Water Billing Data Now Online!
The Town of Evans, NY water bill data for the 2nd quarter of 2018 is now online.
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