Karen SlangNew York State’s Executive Law Article 42, Waterfront Revitalization of Coastal Areas and Inland Waterways, is the law that protects our waterfront assets. Section 915 gives local government the authority to develop a (local) waterfront revitalization program commonly called the LWRP. (View the Town of Evans LWRP (2013)) One of the purposes of the town’s LWRP is to provide public access to the water. The LWRP is reviewed by local, state, and federal agencies, and once approved, the coastal LWRP becomes the basis for aligning local, state, and federal actions needed to achieve community goals for the waterfront. When the LWRP is complete, has been reviewed by the Department of State, and has gone through the 60-day public comment period, the municipality will adopt the Final LWRP and supporting local laws by resolution(s). Once the state legislature approves an LWRP, changes require more public meetings and re-approval by the state.

Via the Town of Evans LWRP (and Erie County), the former Village of Angola Water Treatment Plant became a protected public asset. Transferring this asset from public to private required that the Town of Evans update its LWRP AND get the approval of the state legislature.

Residents should ask the members of the Town of Evans Town Board why they voted to rezone a property, an action “inconsistent” with the town’s LWRP.

Town Code § 197-7: Penalties for Offenses shows that inconsistent actions are a serious matter.

NYS Executive Article 42

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