Sturgeon Point Marina

On 4-15-202, the Town of Evans Town Board voted to table a resolution to dredge Sturgeon Point Marina. Mary Hosler and Tom George are against while Mike Schraft supports dredging the marina.

The president, the governor, the county executive all take question about COVID-19. Mary Hosler, at the next meeting will NOT take questions from residents before a vote on this resolution.

$50,000 is already in the budget for dredging Sturgeon Point Marina. The lowest quote for dredging was $104,000. The town is spending $268,900 on a splash pad! [simple_tooltip content=’Read The Splash Pad Resolution!’][ Click Here! ][/simple_tooltip] Is this a wise use of taxpayers dollars?

Who benefits from the marina? The sportsmen. Local restaurants. Local supermarkets. Local bait shops.  Etc.

Hosler won’t dredge the marina since so many non-residents use the marina but she will spend $268,900 to build a splash pad that non-Evans will use?

Email [simple_tooltip content=’Click Here To Email Mary Hosler!’]Mary Hosler[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’Click Here To Email Tom George!’]Tom George/simple_tooltip] with your thoughts on this issue.

Florida has no state income tax. Why? Tourism! Isn’t bringing sportsmen to Evans tourism???















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