What Items Are Inspected In The Toen Of Evans New YorkMary Hosler’s rental inspection policy needs some adult supervision. Town Hall has had a COVID-19 problem. Several town employees have tested positive. This includes staff in the Building Department.

Mary Hosler’s is forcing landlords to require their tenants to allow a building inspector into their rentals.

The Town charges a $100 fee every two years for a rental permit. ( There is a 1% per day late fee which is likely illegal (See Below))

I checked the town’s web site for what items are being inspected. Could not find a check list. Other than batteries in CO2 & smoke detectors, after nearly two decades of inspections on multiple properties, I have no clue what what town inspectors are looking for.

Town Hall is essentially closed due to COVID-19. One building inspector lives in Niagara County! My tenant, a senior citizen, does not want a stranger in the rental. I can not blame her and will choose to respect her safety concerns.

Why would Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler endanger the health of any resident?

Why can’t physical inspections be rescheduled for after the COVID-19 dust settles?

Supervisor Mary Hosler uses executive powers to tell residents to stay home then violates her own orders with a seriously flawed rental inspection policy. Is avoiding a rental inspection backlog worth risking a tenants health?

Does Evans really want to get rid of term limits and get four more years of poor decision making?

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