What Is Evans 2021 Spending PlanThe Town of Evans is looking for ways to pay the bills without any federal COVID-19 relief.

There are four ways to address this spending conundrum:

1. Taxes
2. Reserve Funds
3. Borrow money
4. Cutting spending

TAXES: Supervisor has raised taxes more that any previous supervisor. Residents are all taxed out. The recent tax increases has made Evans even less competitive with surrounding towns. Need proof? Look at all the new construction in Lakeview and Hamburg.

RESERVE FUNDS: The state sets minimum reserve fund levels for towns. Actual amounts in the town’s reserve funds seem to fall into the “need to know” category. Maybe it is time to start disclosing this information at town board meetings? Reserve funds can be used to pay the bills and fund bigger projects. You can think of the reserve fund as a taxpayer’s rainy day fund.

BORROWING MONEY: Repaying debt hits home every time an Evans residents pays their water bill. The surcharge is used to pay the debt for the mismanaged water project. Earlier this year, the town board approved short term borrowing. Taxpayers need borrowing limits. Hence the quote: Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. – P. J. O’Rourke

CUTTING SPENDING: A long, long time ago. In a Village called Angola. At high noon on Wednesdays. Businesses would close for the afternoon. Since Evans taxpayers need a new approach to keeping taxes down, maybe shutting down town hall for ½ day a week would be a starting point for saving the taxpayers some money. The Town of Brant is not open all the time and they still get services delivered to residents. The “way we have always done things” mentality need to change in Evans.

Buffalo Business First has rated Evans as the worst big town in Erie County. [ Click Here ] The water project and splash pad are just two of many examples of how taxpayer money is wasted.

If the town board starts borrowing money instead of making spending cuts, you will know it’s time to elect new members to the board that understand change is needed.