Over the years (almost two decades!), the amount being paid by Evans Taxpayers for outside services for engineering and legal was “top secret” / “need to know”!

A Freedom of Information request for 1099s provided the answer.

From 2019 to 2021:

 $825,120.49! = Engineering
 $297, 440.46! = Legal
$1,122,560.95! = Total

EvanstaxpayersshruggedJust how much was spent on the water project from day #1?

Over the years, Evans has shared the assessor with other towns. The building inspector, in the past, worked for the Village. The BI even used an Evans vehicle to work 8 AM to 12 Noon in Fredonia! But that’s another post!

Was a shared engineer even discussed?

Why didn’t Evans hire an engineer? The three-year average cost was $206,280.12. Guessing that hiring an engineer would cost much less.

Why can’t NYS / ECWA provide “billable” engineers to towns?

What is, or in this case “is not” not the town attorney doing that taxpayers are spending almost $100,000 a year on outside legal?

Now you know why if you want a new piece of playground equipment for a park near you or want to keep the Sturgeon Point Marina open that your tax dollars are going to keep poor engineers and lawyers employed.

Here’s the link to the engineering data: http://townofevans.com/1099_misc_report___engineering_report.php

Here’s a link to legal data: http://townofevans.com/1099_misc_report___legal_fees_report.php

There are more links under 1009 Misc Income.

If you live in Evans, sit on your wallet!







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