11-19-2020: Some residents still can not return to their homes.

Harding St Evans NY 11-19-2020

11-18-2020: Yesterday, there was a machine working at the mouth of Muddy Creek. When I checked out what was done, I was surprised to see that instead of removing sand from the west side of the wall, the town dug a trench at the top of the wall near the parking lot.

Two problems:

  1. This will result even more sand being washed away from the beach.
  2. This will only lower Muddy Creek a few feet leaving several resident’s houses surrounded by water.

After Mother Nature’s winds subside, residents are left with man made flooding. It’s time to address this problem.

Muddy Creek 11-18-2020
Muddy Creek 11-19-2020

11-17-2020: Watch this 2.19 minute video report by WGRZ TV.  Supervisor Mary Hosler MIA!

11-16-2020: At yesterday’s Evans Town Board Zoom Meeting, there was no Privilege of the Floor or Committee & Department Head Reports as per the agenda.

Evans NY Agenda 11-16-2020


I wonder if the residents that had to evacuate their homes due to flooding would have liked an update or wanted to ask a question? If the concrete wall, which acts as a dam, were removed, Muddy Creek could return to lake level after a storm. When taking the pix (below), a resident told me he was told that the town could not dredge the creek because of the fish. I recommended he call the NYSDEC and ask if the town has the needed permits to do emergency work. (They do!)

Muddy Creek 2020 11 16 Flodded

Now our lakefront needs a huge cleanup after the November 15th storm and the town a day later approves a budget that leaves the highway department (and the police department) several employees short as compared to past budgets. Let’s now forget how busy the chipper crew will be!

Also, there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at the town hall. Another problem not addressed at last night’s meeting.

The 2021 budget creates a new full-time Human Resources (HR) position.

Just a guess, but maybe they should have hired a second HR person. Looking like Evans will have a few unhappy campers. HR may become the busiest office at the town hall!

Call or email the supervisor and ask her what’s going on in Evans. 549-5787 / supervisor@townofevans.org

Point Breeze Drive Flooded 11-16-2020

Covid 19 Update Not In Evans Ny



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