Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler's Crystal BallRemember when the NYS Compensation Committee recommended raises for Cuomo & Hochul? Now Mary Hosler plans to create a Good Governance Committee with tasks that will include taking a look at her salary & benefits.

Looking into my crystal ball, I see the following rational for a big pay raise. As the top dog in the Town of Evans, the supervisor should be compensated at par the Chief of Police, Highway Superintendent & Town Clerk. Therefore, a fair salary would be $90,000.

Taxpayers don’t need to go to Lilly Dale to see a raise for Hosler may come true.

From this side of the crystal ball,  Mary Hosler knew what the position of supervisor paid. If she wants more money, she can find a different job.

The money grab never seems to end in Evans!

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Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler's Crystal Ball







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