Town of Evans Assessment Data FOIL

FOIL Appeal Letter

Since 2007, I have obtained and posted assessment data online to give Evans residents a resource to challenge their assessment. [ Click Here To View The 2019 – 2020 Assessment Data ] Now Supervisor Mary Hosler refuses to provide the data as a Microsoft Excel file, as required by NYS law. I requested the data as an Excel file. Was denied. Appealed to the supervisor. Was denied again.

NOTE: Evans a great FOIL system. In this case, by law, I was required to appeal the denial to the person (Supervisor Mary Hosler) who originally denied the FOIL!

Next I contacted the NYS Committee On Open Government (COOG).  In the email below, you can read that the NYS COOG contacted the Town of Evans to encourage compliance with the law. As of this post date (10-18-2020), there has been no responce from Supervisor Mary Hosler.

Coog EmailSupervisor Mary Hosler Foil Denial 10-18-2020

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