Via Town of Evans Town Board Resolution #184, the Sturgeon Point Marina restaurant was rented for $375 a month for 2023.

The Town includes:

  • Electric
  • Water
  • Cleans the bathroom and supplies paper products
  • Maintains the office (what does this include?)
  • Repairs the building as needed

What is the cost to Evans Taxpayers to provide above?

Meter Channel

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For a few hundred dollars, the town could buy & install a meter channel which would provide taxpayers with an electric bill just for the restaurant. The same could be done with a water meter if there isn’t one. Does the town track the cost of the paper products used? Does the town track labor costs associated with the restaurant? Has there been any public discussion about what is costs to provide all this “free stuff”?

There is no Town of Evans official that can tell taxpayers the cost to provide services for this contract. This is mismanagement! A second grader with a lemonade stand could tell you what it costs for a glass of lemonade!

It gets better! If you own your house or rent, you likely have a contract that spells out the terms of the mortgage or the rental agreement. Is anyone surprised that the contract for the Sturgeon Point Marina Concessions does not include any terms?

It gets even better. For nearly two decades, every contract has been a one bid contract!

Just one of many reasons taxes are so high in Evans!

Town of Evans Sturgeon Point Marina Concessions ContractResolution 184 Sturgeon Point Marina Consessions Contract Sturgeon Point Marina Consessions Rfp



Sturgeon Point Marina Concessions Contract





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