Editor’s Note: On 3-4-2020, the Evans Town Board awarded this bid. Mary Hosler declined to advertise this bid in the Buffalo News. An ad that would have run for 7 days would have cost $27.00! Does anyone remember who campaigned door to door with Mary Hosler in 2015?

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For over a decade, the Town of Evans has accepted one bid contracts for the Sturgeon Point Marina Restaurant. Evans taxpayers pick up the tab for electric, water & maintenance! The rent Evans receives is about 1/3 of what other waterfront restaurants pay. The town has made little to no effort to encourage bidding. Why no ad(s) in the [BN] Business Opportunities ? Why does town have language to require winning bidder to have food service/restaurant experience? How Hard Is It To Roll A Hot Dog On A Grill?

Sturgeon Point Restaurant Bid Specs

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Past contracts are 100% legal. Are they 100% ethical?

Bid Specs

How Hard Is It To Roll A Hot Dog On A Grill?

The NYS Constitution makes it illegal to give money to a private corporation.

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Nys Constitution Gift Of Taxpayer Money

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Hot Dog Stand Sink Hole