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Keeping the Sturgeon Point Marina open continues to be a hot topic in Evans. Pete Bogulski, who lives near the marina, is a local version of Popeye. When it comes to the marina it’s “That’s all I can stands,’cause I can’t stands no more!” [ View WRGZ Post & Video ] You can hear Bogulski talking at the town board meeting (in the background).

To let Evans residents know his level of frustration with Supervisor Mary Hosler, he paid for a full-page ad in the local penny saver. [ Click Here To Read The Ad ]

The town has $40,000 budgeted to dredge Sturgeon Point Marina. Bogulski claims that volunteers can do the work for about $34,999 to cover expenses.  [ View Quote ]

The “TOWN” is getting $1,700,000 in COVID relief money.  It’s the “RESIDENTS” money, not the town boards. If a significant majority of residents want “THEIR” money spent on marina maintenance, it’s the town board’s job to make it happen.

Evans has 12 miles of waterfront. Why are we a poor town? Sturgeon Point Marina, Bennett Beach, Wendt Beach, no make that “Wendt Park” since town won’t hire lifeguards, are examples of underused assets that could be used to develop tourism in Evans. Imagine a resort hotel at Sturgeon Point Marina. However, when the supervisor won’t work to get sewers to the marina, you can’t build a hotel. Why wasn’t this task delegated to a department head?

According to the Buffalo Business Journal, Evans is the worst town to live in Erie County [ Click Here To Read More ]. According to the NYS comptroller, Evans has the 3rd highest fiscal stress score in Erie County. [ Click Here To View Data ] The mismanagement of the Sturgeon Point Marina is a big reason for the sinking ship that is named Evans.

Call or Email Supervisor Mary Hosler and tell her your thoughts on the Sturgeon Point Marina. 549-5787 /

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