Evans NY Meetings Closed

What Is Misdirection in Magic?
Misdirection—or direction, as some magicians prefer to call it—is the subtle, deceptive art of directing an audience’s attention towards one thing (a magical effect) so it does not notice another (the method or mechanics of a trick). It can refer to both the effect of a spectator’s mind being focused on an unimportant thing or the action that causes it.

What Is Misdirection in Evans Town Hall?

Supervisor Mary Hosler’s letter ( View Letter ) is a perfect example of political misdirection. Hosler tells residents that the Town of Evans is meeting or exceeding all CDC and state guidelines. But then the misdirection. Hosler then states that town meetings will continue via Zoom only. Residents are lead to a false conclusion that meetings are closed due to state or CDC guidelines.

There is no state or CDC mandate to close meetings to the public! The towns of Brant & Newstead NEVER closed their meetings to their residents.  ( See Email Below)

In fact, many towns have re-opened their board meetings to the public. ( View other Cities, Towns & Villages:( Searchable List ) ( Report )

Re-opening town board meetings to the public is well past due.

Hosler Letter 4-20-2021

Mary Hosler Letter 4-20-2021

Town of Brant Email

Brant NY Open Meetings