Mary Hosler On Sturgeon Point Marina“The word democracy comes from the Greek and literally means rule by the people”. Regarding the Sturgeon Point Marina, “the people” are at odds with their “ruler”, Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler. A long time ago, elected officials were commonly called “public servants”.  The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Basic Obligation of Public Service includes: “You shall put forth an honest effort in the performance of your duties.”

Hosler’s performance in the 7-12-2021 WKBW interview brings the word malfeasance into the discussion. For years, Evans residents were told that the Sturgeon Point Marina needed multiple full-time employees, in part, to main the docks in the offseason. During the interview, Hosler states the docks will re-open in 2022. (“Plan “C“) Why aren’t the same docks available in 2021?
The supervisor states that residents can attend a town board meeting if they have questions. The problem here is, as happened to Pete Bogulski, you get told to sit down and shut up after 3 minutes. The truth is that Hosler does not want to discuss this issue in a public forum. If she thought she could get away with having speakers arrested as happened at a Louden County, VA. school board meeting, she would do it. Hosler claims to answer all questions but if you ever attended an Evans Town Board Meeting, you know this is “not true“! Does anyone really believe that residents would not rent the docks if available?
Louden County Va School Board Meeting 2021
The City of Buffalo ( Click Here ) is holding meetings to discuss how federal COVID funding should be spent. In Evans, the opinions of residents are only valued when they align with those of the supervisor. This is the new “American Marxism“.  Evans has a bigger financial mess than any other town in Erie County. If Evans residents want changes at the top, THEY MUST KEEP TERM LIMITS IN PLACE.
For her performance in the WKBW interview, Hosler gets 5 Pinocchios!
Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler Gets Five PinocchiosEvans Supervisor Mary Hosler Gets Five PinocchiosEvans Supervisor Mary Hosler Gets Five PinocchiosEvans Supervisor Mary Hosler Gets Five PinocchiosEvans Supervisor Mary Hosler Gets Five Pinocchios


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