Mary Hosler: Solar TerminatorBefore Mary Hosler became Evans Supervisor five years ago, the Town of Evans was “the” leader in solar installations in Erie County.

In just a few years, Evans went from first to worst.


“Too often, this region’s efforts on developing solar capability seem to tilt toward obstruction, even though it represents the future in a region that has suffered under the influence of fossil fuels. The 21st century approach should always be to seek a way to say yes.”

Wisely, New York State has taken much of the authority over large-scale projects away from local governments. Residents of those areas will still have the opportunity to have their voices heard, but not in a way that overwhelms the state’s interest in developing sources of clean energy.

Hosler’s quest to tax property owners that install solar arrays has also hurt smaller residential and commercial property owners. The sun is free except in Evans where Mary Hosler taxes it!

This is yet another example of why Evans residents should get the opportunity to vote on removing term limits.

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Buff News 12-29-2020 Solar


Towns must use authority over clean energy projects wisely



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