Mary Hoslers House Of Hires

October 2020

It’s Trick or Treat 24 / 7 / 365 in Evans. The trick is that Evans taxpayers are told more and more employees are needed to run the town. The $65 an hour HR consultant is one example. While residents and businesses try to make ends meet with less,  it’s hard to find any significant cost cutting in town hall. Since Evans will never layoff employees, the only way to reduce employee levels is through [simple_tooltip content=’Definition of Attrition’]attrition[/simple_tooltip]

Mary Hosler and the Evans Town Board have been on a hiring spree. While other towns are trying to lower costs during these COVID-19 pandemic times, Evans spends the taxpayer’s money like it’s the good ‘ole days.

Below are the agendas beginning September 2nd, 2020. Resolutions to hire new employees are highlighted in yellow..

Also: If Evans residents are locked out of Evans Town Board meetings due to COVID-19, why are town employees traveling out of town for training & seminars? (Resolutions are highlighted in blue.) Why can’t this training be done via a Zoom meeting? Here’s another expense to taxpayers that could be reduced.

Evans Ny Agenda 2020 09 02

Evans Ny Agenda 2020 09 16

Evans Ny Agenda 2020 09 23

Evans Ny Agenda 2020 10 07






UPDATE: 10-15-2020




UPDATE 10-15-2020

Read the Buffalo News article “No-frills Erie County budget to lay off 19 employees, eliminate 246 vacant jobs” –> Click Here

Erie County is addressing budget issues. Why isn’t Evans doing more to give taxpayers some relief in these COVID-19 times?

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