Sales Tax Graph August 2020

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On September 17th, 2020, the NYS comptroller reported that local sales tax collections were down 7.8%. [simple_tooltip content=’Click Here To Read The Comptroller’s Press Release’][ Click Here To Read Article ][/simple_tooltip]  This was no surprise since collections have been down since March.

As Evans residents and business adjust to the economic slow down due to COVID-19, town hall continues to spend money like it grows on trees.

How much was spent on putting the water tower on Greniger Road before site was moved to the former airport? Is the reported $250,000 figure correct? Maybe this money should have been used to repair roads and give the highway department the funding needed to chip the piles of branches that are all over Evans?

While Evans residents have limited dining options at local restaurants, taxpayers are paying to send town employees out of town for training and conventions where our tax dollars will be spent at out of town restaurants!

These Spending Practices Are Why Evans Has The 3rd Highest Fiscal Stress Score In Erie County! [ [simple_tooltip content=’Click Here To read The Article’]Click Here![/simple_tooltip] ]


Evans Agenda 2020 09 02 B











Evans Agenda 2020 09 16 B

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