Elma No TaxIn Elma, there is too much money in reserve accounts. Elma could lower town taxes BUT THERE ARE NO TOWN TAXES! Evans has some of the highest taxes in Erie County! In Evans, $$3-5,000,000 in reserve or savings account funds are “unaccounted for”! $2,100,000 in general funds are “unaccounted for”! The water department has $976,000  fund balance. Evans taxpayers will be paying off over $16,000,000 in water project bonds FOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS! Beginning with the Catalino II / Erickson boards (2006-2007), residents were told there were few choices concerning the water department. The truth is that poor choices were made. The article below shows that when elected officials work in the best interest of residents, everyone benefits. Click Here To Read The Article At The Buffalo News Web Site