Mary Hosler Solar Terminator

Mary Hosler: Solar Terminator

On Mary Hosler’s first day as supervisor on 1-1-2016, Evans was a leader in solar installations in Erie County. Now, in her 4th year as supervisor, new solar installations have been mostly terminated.

Given that 2019 is an election year and given that most Evans residents support solar, as one resident put it, Hosler wants to be the “Solar Queen”. But her words differ from her actions. Her proposed solar law, nicknamed the “Sun Tax”,  contains many more nails she wants to drive into the solar coffin she is building.  Examples include a twenty five acre minimum and your not allowed to clear more than two acres of your land.  Under Hosler’s proposed solar law, no business on Route 5 would be allowed to install solar on their property. Buy the time she is done, the $1.00 solar lights you put around your house and gardens will be a code violation!

Town Of Evans Ny Solar Record Keeping

Her law will require solar owners to keep maintenance records she as supervisor DOES NOT KEEP on the town’s solar!

Steven Bremer Quote

Quote: Steve Bremer: Sun 4-12-19

To get a building permit, you must give up your right to due process if there is a future code violation.  Read the quote to the left. Do you want a judge or a building inspector determining your fate?

An Evans environmental group, [simple_tooltip content=’Visit the FNABGL Website!’]Friends and Neighbors Advocating Better Green Living (FNABGL)[/simple_tooltip], has and will continue to work hard to get wording in local solar laws that helps promote new installations.


If you support solar, call Mary Hosler at 716.549.5787 or send her an email at .





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