EvansshruggedIn a 11/29/2022 [ BN ] article, the Town of Evans learned that Supervisor Mary Hosler was stepping down as Evans Supervisor. Now we learn that may not be any time soon even though she is working at her new job.

Mary Hosler always lived by the 5 P’s. Paychecks, Pension, Power, Perks, & People. (People = Jobs for friends & family)

Nytz Hosler W2s

In 2020, she dug into taxpayer’s pockets for an extra $6,000! [ Click Here ] Now she is stepping down to take a high paying county job.

The [BN ] wrote: “turned a $1.7 million deficit into a fund balance” but any and all Evans residents could have raised taxes to pay down debt.  According to the NYS Comptroller, Evans had the 3rd worst fiscal stress score of any town in Erie County. Not a rank deserving of a gold star! Lets not forget that New Era left town under Mary Hosler’s watch. There are so many unhappy town employees that Mary Hosler hired a HR person and has HR lawyers on retainer.

A friend’s favorite expression is “None of us is as smart as all of us“. I for one will not miss her micro-management style, nor her disregard for Open Meetings and FOIL laws.

Timex WatchMaybe Evans residents should chip in for a gold Timex watch, thank her for her service then say their final goodbys. Many supervisors have left office without the town sinking into Lake Erie. Odds are town will be just fine after Mary Hosler leaves office.


If Mary Hosler steps down now, her party boss selected replacement would be required to run in the November 2023 election letting Evans voters determine who should serve out the supervisor’s term. The Erie County Board of Elections has a cut off date for getting these votes on the ballot. If Mary Hosler delays stepping down until after the cut off date, the party bosses and their hand picked supervisor can keep the gravy train going for at least two more years!

What better way to reclaim the #1 worst rating on the comptroller’s  fiscal stress score in Erie County!

If you run into Mary Hosler, ask her to do the right thing and step down now!

Mary Hosler Take The Money And Run










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