January 2022 saw the Town of Evans town board increase from 3 members to 5 members. From the point of view of “We The People”, did it make a difference?

The politicians will say yes but it is a good rule of thumb in Evans to look at deeds, not words.

Fortunately, their deeds are 100% public via their voting record.

We all have differences with family, friends, co-workers, etc. When you watch the government channel on cable TV, you often see a lively debate.  According to the NYS Comptroller’s website (2020), of all towns in Erie County, the Town of Evans has the 3rd worst fiscal stress score. One would think there would be much lively discussion about how the taxpayer’s money is being spent. Since the supervisor is also the town’s “budget officer”, let’s take a look at the voting records of the supervisor VS the 4 council members.

NOTE: Data provided below is for the first 8 months of 2020.

As of 8-17-2022, the Town of Evans town board voted on 313 resolutions.

Hosler VS George

Hosler = Aye / George = Nay —> Zero Times (Click Here!)
Hosler = Nay / George = Aye —> Zero Times (Click Here!)
————————————— NOT ONCE!

Hosler = Aye / Schraft = Nay —> 11 Times (Click Here!)
Hosler = Nay / Schraft = Aye —>  7 Times (Click Here!)
————————————–  28 Times

Hosler = Aye / Macko= Nay —> 12 Times (Click Here!)
Hosler = Nay / Macko = Aye —>  7 Times (Click Here!)
————————————–  29 Times

Hosler = Aye / Reitz = Nay —> Zero Times (Click Here!)
Hosler = Nay / Reitz = Aye —> Zero Times (Click Here!)
————————————— NOT ONCE!

The data shows that upsizing did not change much in the Town of Evans. George & Reitz ALWAYS vote with the supervisor. Schraft & Macko do vote against Hosler & Company.

The supervisor talks about the town’s improved bond rating. That just means she has raised taxes enough to pay the bills. Fiscal Stress deals with how the taxpayer’s money is being spent.

Maybe term limits will bring the change Evans needs to become more competitive with other towns in Erie County.

One can always hope!

Fiscal Stress 2020








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