John Mills Bennett Wendt FundingThe county parks in Evans lose out again. Our County Legislator, John Mills, funds most other county parks excluding those in his Evans district. Purchasing playground equipment accessible to [ Evans ] children of all abilities isn’t a top priority for Mills.

Why are these funded parks classifies as “heritage parks” while Bennett Beach & Wendt Beach are classified as “passive recreation”?

Why does Supervisor Hosler call these parks “park” and not “beach parks”? Don’t have to hire lifeguards?

For a decade-plus, other county parks have received millions in funding while county parks in Evans get pennies. If town officials can fight for funding for the Sturgeon Point Marina, they can fight for funding for improvements to our county parks.

Call or Email Supervisor Mary Hosler and tell her your thoughts on Bennett & Wendt “Beach” Parks. 549-5787 /

Call or Email Legislator John Mills and tell him your thoughts on Bennett & Wendt “Beach” Parks.  858-8850 /

John Mills Parks Spending



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