The US Census data has been released for 2020. Buffalo gained population. Erie County gained population. Hamburg gained population.

Evans lost population. Down 1.3%. In 2010, Evans had 16,356. Now, Evans has only 15,308 residents as of 2019.

But if you look at the numbers, the population in Evans dropped from 16,356 to 15,308 or 1,048 fewer residents.

I don’t have a PHD in math but 16,356 X 6.6% (1,046.78) is a more accurate calculation.

Residents are voting with their feet. The tax/borrow/spend philosophy of Town officials are failing the remaining residents. We all pay more in taxes and fees since there are fewer residents to chip in.

The question is why? There are many reasons including but not limited to:

  • Some of the highest taxes in Erie County.
  • Underperforming schools.
  • The extra rolls of red tape for new construction projects.
  • The loss of jobs at New Era under Mary Hosler’s watch.
  • In these COVID-19 times, what you rather have? (pick one):
    • A vacant lot?
    • A drive-in theater?
  • In these COVID-19 times, what you rather have? (pick one):
    • A pool/splash pad?
    • A fully operational marina at Sturgeon Point?
  • Removing residents from public meetings.
  • No Q&A of town issues in a public forum.

Evans has 12 miles of waterfront. Why are we a poor town? Florida has no state taxes since they rely on revenue from tourism. Evans discourages tourism. (One of) Town Halls’s argument is there is no money in the budget for garbage removal. Evans could host a major fishing tournament but that won’t happen while the Sturgeon Point Marina is in chaos.

Mary Hosler wants to get rid of term limits so she can run for re-election. I’d argue it would be better for Evans to buy her a gold watch and thank her for her service!

Call or Email Supervisor Mary Hosler and tell her your thoughts on high taxes and term limits in Evans. 549-5787 /

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– Patrick Henry

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