Mary Hosler Fiddles While Point Breeze Floods
The mouth of Muddy Creek has been blocked for over a month. Trees have fallen into Muddy Creek for several years. Beaver dams have been a problem for years.
While Mary Hosler can not control flooding, as supervisor of the Town of Evans, she can lessen the flooding problem by addressing the problems listed above.
Hosler would rather spend thousands of taxpayers dollars fixing the beach every year than a few hundred dollars dredging the mouth of Muddy Creek. On the top right of the picture, you’ll see rapids. That means that Lake Erie is at a lower lever than Muddy Creek. The flooding level could be reduced by several feet if Muddy Creek were dredged BEFORE the flooding season.

Hosler gives residents excuses about NYSDEC permits but the truth is that the DEC allows emergency work and will worry about permits later.

Flooding along Muddy Creek is inevitable. Water levels haven’t been this high in a very long time. That’s on Mary Hosler.

Call or Email Supervisor Mary Hosler and tell her to put her fiddle down and hire someone to dredge Muddy Creek. 549-5787 /

Maybe the town board should consider getting the Highway Department the equipment needed to dredge Muddy Creek and other trouble spots in Evans?



Fran Pordum Figured It Out. Why Can't Mary Hosler?

Muddy Creek Flooding 2009 750w

Muddy Creek Between The Bridges At Lake Erie Beach Park


Point Breeze Drive

Point Breeze Drive

Lake Erie Beach Park In 1950s

Lake Erie Beach Park In 1950's

Many Trees Have Fallen Into Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek Between Harding & West Taft


End of Harding Avenue

End of Harding Avenue


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