Evans NY AntiBusinessThe 10-29-2021 [ BN ] article titled “Hamburg IDA grants tax breaks for 2 factory expansions ” announces that H & K Industries, formerly; located in Evans, gets Hamburg IDA funding to expand their factory.

Under decades of democratic party control, Evans has lost several major businesses including but not limited to:

  • Evans National Bank moved their headquarters out of Evans.
  • New Era moved their headquarters out of Evans then closed their factory.
  • H & K moved their factory to Hamburg.
  • Several other businesses either closed or moved.

Many jobs were lost. This translates into higher taxes for remaining businesses and residents. If you are a renter, your landlord raises your rent to pay the higher taxes!

Did you know that for over a decade, Evans has had a low-interest business loan program? Not promoted by our town!

Most exits on the I90 have many businesses from which travelers can choose. Evans has farm animals. The dems failure to get utilities to out I90 exit means lost jobs and higher taxes for Evans residents.

A few weeks ago, my tenant started my rental on fire. Our police and fire/rescue saved the day! While I was leaving Lowes, I spotted a work truck with a company name that included “paint” and “restoration”. During my conversation with the owner, I asked where his business was located. He replied “North Evans”! In the past I found a company that repaired HP and Brother printers in Evans. The town has failed miserably in promoting local businesses.

WNY.ForSaleI started TownOfEvans.com in 1997 to promote local businesses. It was the infancy of the internet. Businesses did not understand the internet yet. Several years ago I registered http://www.wny.forsale with the goal of promoting local businesses. My response from the town hall was “crickets”!

The failure to promote local businesses is “the” failure of the elected democrats and their party bosses.

If you are tired of the town’s Friends & Family politics, consider not voting for endorsed democrats this time around!





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