Before you vote, take a ride down Route 20 into Hamburg and make a right turn on South Park. On your left, before you get to the I90, is a new (one of many) residential development under construction. Hamburg’s population is increasing while Evans residents are leaving for greener pastures.  [SEE Census [1]] Across the USA, the trend is people leaving high tax areas for lower-taxed areas. As long as a property in Evans pays more in taxes than a property in Hamburg with the same assessment, Evans will lose population and Hamburg’s population will continue to increase. The $50 million water project and the million dollar pool project are examples of mismanagement. To become competitive with Hamburg, Evans will have to reduce spending and lower taxes. The problem is that the current board never met a tax they didn’t like and could not spend. It’s a safe bet that the five member board will keep the gravy train going full steam ahead. Unfortunately, no candidate’s ads mentioned cutting costs or taxes. The day “AFTER” the election is the vote on the town budget. State law needs to be changed to require the vote “BEFORE” the election. This way, at least incumbents will be on record before residents vote.

Call or Email Supervisor Mary Hosler and tell her your thoughts on high taxes in Evans. 549-5787 /


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