Accounting InspectorUnder state law, Evans Taxpayers have the right to know how every tax nickel is spent. Here in Evans, at every town board meeting and many worksessions, a resolution worded “RESOLUTION 2020 #XXX Audit of Bills Councilman Schraft moved and Supervisor Hosler seconded that all properly audited bills be paid from their respective funds.” Then the resolution is voted on and approved. I do not recall there ever being a no vote on the Audit of Bills resolution.

In 2020, many years after the Town started using computers for accounting, why isn’t an accounts payable ledger with every payable being approved made available to Evans Taxpayers?

Just guessing, but don’t you think that spending practices would improve if taxpayers knew where every tax nickel was going?

Over the many years and many supervisors, amounts being paid to lawyers and engineers has been hidden from Evans Taxpayers.

Transparency is a good thing!

Paying The Bills




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