NYSOSC Purchasing And Competitive BiddingWhen the Town purchases a vehicle for one of its departments, the [simple_tooltip content=’Download The NYSOSC PDF’]law requires[/simple_tooltip] that bids be obtained before the purchase. However, state law does not require bids for professional services including but not limited to engineering, legal,  etc. The town obtains “quotes” then can award the work to anyone they choose. State law allows to towns to make local law stricter than state law. In this case, town law could require “bids’ for professional services expected cost over $10,000 over a 12 month period. The law should also require the Town to vote at a public meeting and not a worksession. Transparency is often lacking when purchasing professional services.  This change will save Evans Taxpayers thousands of dollars per year!

Town of Evans NY No Bid Contracts

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