Evans Taxpayers Shrugged

Evans Taxpayers Shrugged

In the July 30th Sun News, Keith Dash is quoted as follows: ““I think I can speak for both councilmen that when we took office four years ago we had a huge water project and a huge debt.

In 2015 the board spent another $1,700,000 on the water project and borrowed another $625,000 for various projects.

If the debt was “huge” on 1-1-2012, what adjective would the town board use today?

How about the Latin “Mega Debitum” for “mega debt”.

Or “Ingens Debitum” for “monstrous debt”.

Since a monster is scarier than a mega we will declare Ingens Debitum the winning name of this category!

If you have not seen the trilogy Atlas Shrugged, check it out!

The Evans Town Board just may be writing a similar story, “Evans Taxpayers Shrugged”!